Our Expert Partners

World-class partnerships strengthen us

We have selected the best expert partners and suppliers for our children attending Beech Hall School Riyadh.

Two key elements integral to Beech Hall School Riyadh’s learning philosophy are developing entrepreneurial skills and nurturing children’s mental health and wellbeing.

To ensure we weave these key Beech Hall School Riyadh Tapestry strands into our school’s culture and community we are proud to work with 8Billionideas and Happy Space in these two essential areas:


Happy Space

Happy Space is the preventative mental wellbeing organisation, protecting, inspiring and empowering young people worldwide. They believe that Mind, Food, Body, Finance and the Arts are the five pillars of mental wellbeing. Those pillars form the framework for beautiful guidebooks and accompanying 7-week lesson plans that Happy Space deliver to schools worldwide. Their resources combine expert content from thought leaders, engaging design and interactive activities.


8Billionideas’ mission is to give every student on the planet the skills and belief to change the world.

As an education company, it’s their mission to provide young people with vital skills that will lead them to happiness and fulfilment throughout their lives. These skills are transferable and allow students to pursue a career and life they’re truly passionate about.


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