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SEND support at Beech Hall School Riyadh

Your child needs to learn at the right pace, at the right time for them.  

At Beech Hall School Riyadh we are proud to offer a mainstream education, inclusive of all children: each unique in their interests, talents and characters. All children who aspire to be educated at Beech Hall School Riyadh will be considered for a place no matter what their ability or physicality. Rather than a child needing to adapt to the constructs of the school – the school and community will do all that is possible to adapt to the needs of the individual child.   





Through a mastery approach to education, we are able to observe our children, pinpoint their educational starting point and plot a tailored approach to their journey of learning. This personalised approach will enable all children to make progress across the broad and holistic offering, in all subjects.   

By knowing each child’s capabilities, we are able to extend those who have already mastered a concept; nurture those who might be struggling and nudge those who might be in need of stretching and challenging. We see this happening across a curriculum offering, recognising that all children will shine in different areas of their learning, and that one size does not fit all. We do this in the following way: Those who master a subject with ease will be given ample opportunity to be stretched and challenged, along with the confidence to embrace difficulty! Encouraged to accept that challenge, children will be stretched by going deeper into a concept, supported and facilitated by their teacher to apply what they know to harder reasoning, analysing and applying concepts to abstract problems.   

Enrichment programme:  

For children who show a particular skill, talent or aptitude for a subject, we provide a programme of study above and beyond chronological expectation. This may mean more challenging areas of a curriculum; language immersion; sport coaching at an elite level; mentoring for artists and musicians. In addition to this, will also find ways of celebrating their abilities and talents. We want to enable the children to see how far they can take their learning and how it might start to construct a pathway of future success, happiness and fulfilment.     

Those who may struggle in an area, or hit a barrier, will be given the support and tools to overcome that challenge and make progress. At the heart of this approach is an inclusive and celebratory ethos, where every child is known and accepted for the talents, strengths and approaches they bring to our learning community.   



The Beech Hall School Riyadh SEND wave system

For children either diagnosed with or exhibiting potential special, additional, educational we have our bespoke wave system: 

WAVE 1: Pupils who have been flagged by a member of staff or parent as possibly having a learning need. These pupils are monitored and may complete some form of screening.  

WAVE 2: Pupils who have a diagnosed SEND (mild) which is being supported according to their Individual Education Plan. Nearly all support is given in lessons but children may have some 1:1 or group support. 

WAVE 3: Pupils who have more moderate/complex needs identified. This will require a greater level of support, which may include 1:1 LSA in class and greater amounts of therapy. 


Beech Hall School Riyadh’s Head of Inclusion will work alongside all WAVE 3 children and create the menu of support appropriate for each child, in partnership with their parents. Staff are employed by the school to offer the support and therapy required by WAVE 2 and 3 children, and this will be paid for by parents. Within the WAVE approach, it is clear that some children will need further additional support and this would be discussed on an individual basis between a family and the Beech Hall School Riyadh inclusion team. 



As part of the careers work and mentoring, all children will be supported to pursue outcomes that inspire and interest them. This may be into further or higher education, but may also be vocational outcomes. The educational pathway will be laid to support their ambitions, including work experience and the application process.  

Through this strategic approach to a fully inclusive, integrated mainstream school, with all SEND support under one roof, Beech Hall School Riyadh will become a leader in SEND provision and expertise in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Contact our Admissions Team to arrange a meeting with you and your child to discuss their unique talents and abilities. 

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