Founding Principal’s Welcome

Dear Parents,

Many new Principals express how honoured and delighted they are to be joining a new school, at a new time in the school’s history, through change and development. But this role, here at Beech Hall School Riyadh, is a uniquely different prospect.

Of course, I am humbled, honoured, excited, and privileged to be offered the opportunity to be the founding Principal at this wonderful and unique new school here in the capital of the wonderful Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Proud of the hundred-year heritage laid down by Beech Hall School in the United Kingdom, Beech Hall School Riyadh will build upon this educational excellence.

As a genuinely non-selective, totally inclusive international school, Beech Hall School Riyadh wants every child, and every parent, to enter into a partnership with us; a partnership that encapsulates the genuine belief that all children have the potential to be the best in whatever discipline they aspire to, focusing on learning outcomes over grades and examination results.

The foundation stone to this is through the genuinely innovative curriculum we offer – strengthened by our bespoke Beech Hall School Riyadh Tapestry that focuses on six key strands that we believe are fundamental to enabling your child to become the global citizen that they will unquestionably become. These strands include having an open mindset to life-long learning, a respect for physical and mental health and well-being, an entrepreneurial mindset, a global appreciation and respect for all cultures, an awareness of the need to preserve our planet through sustainable thinking and an understanding of how to use digital technologies carefully and appropriately in support of all that they do.

As ever with these introductions, words are one thing – but a visit is something else. So do, please, accept this as an open invitation to come and meet our team here at Beech Hall School Riyadh, experience the ambience, safety, and friendliness of our school but, beyond all, come and chat with the children as they will always give you the honest feedback you are looking for.

I (we) look forward to meeting you,


David Ardley, Founding Principal – Beech Hall School Riyadh

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