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The Beech Hall School Riyadh campus is located at 4036 Al Baldah, 7490, Al Khuzama, Riyadh 12581. The brand new campus is designed with your child’s health, education and enjoyment of their time at school in mind.

Learning by design

Beech Hall School Riyadh has been internally co-designed and furnished by Blenheim Schools and world-class school designers, Space Zero and is truly a sight to behold. All spaces are light, airy, inspiring, and created to encourage learning and community:


The Beech Hall School Riyadh campus

The core brief and ethos of the design was that of flexibility: to ensure that the school’s fabric can flex with the curriculum, the expertise of the teachers and most of all, the passions, interests and talents of the children within.

Specialist facilities will offer a first-class environment for our engineers, scientists and coders. Our unrivalled theatre will enable actors, singers, directors and stage managers to bring Drama to life to large audiences. Computing labs will promote the use of innovative technology in the fields of coding, creation and communication, as well as providing the ability to research and collaborate. The school has been designed to enhance the abilities of all children: to reach and unleash their potential and enable them to explore their educational passions and pathways.

Hear more about our purpose built, state of the art campus from Blenheim Schools’ Director of Learning and Teaching, Clemmie Stewart below:

An inclusive learning environment by design

Through our partnership with Space Zero, the learning environment at Beech Hall School Riyadh is truly inspirational. There is a shared vision to avoid clinical classrooms, whilst also ensuring that spaces minimise sensory overload and are built using the latest research into what all learners need from their environment.

Colours are calming and muted, but warm. Any equipment or visual stimulus has a purpose so as to avoid clutter and distraction, whilst still offering a warm and welcoming learning environment for all.


Spaces are provided throughout Beech Hall School Riyadh where this therapy can happen. These spaces have been co-designed including the team at Tayf Aziz. They have been designed to have a specific purpose: Occupational Therapy; Emotional and Behavioural support; Physical therapy; sensory support.

As with the more generalist learning spaces at the school, these spaces are flexible too, so that they can be altered and developed according to the needs of the children in the school at any given time.

Our aspiration through our design, our expertise and through the environment at Beech Hall School Riyadh is that children coming to the school with mild and moderate SEND will be able to receive all support and therapy within the school day, and therefore within the school environment.

The best way to understand the thought, beauty and inspiration of our campus is to arrange a personal tour and experience it with us. To do so, simply contact us here.


Some more Beech Hall School Riyadh campus design images:

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